COVID-19 is challenging all businesses to rethink staff safety and wellbeing. WorkHealth Jersey is led by Dr Chris Edmond, who was the island's clinical lead for COVID PPE, so we are uniquely experienced to advise on risk assessments, safety measures and being a COVID secure workplace.

COVID-19 Workplace management

Dr Edmond has extensive experience in managing COVID in the workplace, as the government Clinical Lead for COVID PPE. We are therefore able to provide the latest advice and guidance to our clients on:

  • Managing a COVID secure workplace
  • Appropriate Personal Protective Use in the workplace
  • Managing COVID cases in employees, and their return to work
  • Managing ‘long COVID’ and the challenges this poorly-understood syndrome brings to the workplace 

COVID is likely to prove a challenge to employers throughout 2021, and we will look to help however we can.

We do of course maintain a COVID secure environment in our clinic with enhanced cleaning, social distancing, hand sanitiser available and appropriate PPE used for all clinical encounters.

COVID-19 Testing

We encourage all eligible business and employees to take advantage of the COVID Workforce Testing Programme (see COVID-19 testing programme ( for details).

If your workforce is not eligible for Government testing and you would be keen to set up an in-house programme, we are able to offer a variety of tests including:

  • PCR swab test looking for current infection (the most accurate form of testing)
  • Rapid antigen swab testing (looking for current infection – useful for large scale screening but not as accurate as PCR testing)
  • Antibody testing (lab-based IgG blood test to check for previous infection)
We can manage a one off testing programme or repeat testing to keep your workplace COVID secure – get in touch for a quote.