New starter / pre-placement medicals​

New starter / pre-placement medical checks ensure your new starters are are fit for their work and that any necessary adjustments are identified in advance, in line with the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013.

Why outsource your new starter health screening process?

  • Did you know that when you send out pre-employment health questionnaires, and process the results, that you are processing ‘Special Category’ data under the GDPR regulations and you must take extra care in handling health data?
  • Do you know how to respond when a new starter declares an illness or a disability – how do you know if they are fit for the role?
  • Will you need to make reasonable adjustment under the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013, which now covers disability as a protected characteristic?
  • Are you confident that your new safety critical worker does not have any health conditions that may cause danger in the workplace, to themselves or others?
  • Are you sure that you new starter does not have any work-related illness that may need close surveillance in their new role?
Let us take all the hassle out of your pre-employment health screening process, and automate it from start to finish

Our process

As a WorkHealth Jersey customer, pre-employment health screening becomes as easy as:

  1. Registering the new starter’s details on the secure online portal
  2. The new starter health questionnaire (adapted to your specific needs)  is automatically emailed out, and the individual given access via a secure online link to complete the questions
  3. We review the responses within 48 hours, and health clearance can usually be given straight away
  4. If there are any issues will can arrange face-to-face review and complete a comprehensive assessment of any work-related health issues, and report back to you on fitness for their role and any reasonable adjustments or special considerations. You can then be sure your employee gets a flying start in their new position!