Health surveillance

In many industries exposure to certain hazards is unavoidable, and we can advise on when health surveillance is required. We can provide surveillance for Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Occupational Lung Diseases, Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, Occupational Skin Disorders, Work-related Stress, and any other monitoring required in your specific circumstances.

Recommendations for Surveillance

Health surveillance is designed to ensure your employees are not harmed by their work. As well as keeping them healthy, this protects you as the employer from any future liability claims for work-related ill-health. 

Health surveillance should always be accompanied by a risk management programme that minimises employees exposure to hazards. When exposure cannot be completely eliminated, Health and Safety Executive (UK) recommendations include:

Audiometry – Regular hearing checks looking for early signs of Noise Induced Hearing Loss, in employees exposed to noise > 80 dB. The HSE recommend annual hearing tests for the first 3 checks then 3-yearly after that

Spirometry – For employees working with dust, silica, or respiratory sensitizers the HSE recommend annual breathing checks with a questionnaire and test of respiratory function 

Vibration – When employees work with vibrating tools, it is vital to detect the early signs of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Annual questionnaires are recommended to detect early signs and symptoms, with face-to-face in-depth assessments arranged for any staff demonstrating symptoms. Dr Edmond is qualified to diagnose and advise on HAVS and can also advise on vibration risk management in the workplace

Hazardous substances – COSHH regulations recommend surveillance where the hazardous substance in use is known to cause disease (including asthma, dermatitis, or cancers) – we are able to advise on specific health surveillance depending on the substances in use in your workplace

Stress – although mental health problems are often multi-factorial, we can help you carry out a workplace stress audit over time to ensure the mental health of your workforce is optimised

Statutory Health Surveillance

The Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989 places legal responsibility on all businesses to look after the health and wellbeing of their employees. Approved Codes of Practice specifically cover working with Asbestos, Ionising Radiation, and Diving, and the UK HSE also provide for statutory health surveillance when working with Lead.

WorkHealth Jersey are able to provide all such statutory assessments, and we would be happy to discuss the recommended testing and intervals. If you work in any of these high-risk areas, please do get in touch below.

Managing your Health Surveillance Programme

At WorkHealth Jersey we want to make managing your employees’ health as simple and efficient as possible. 

Our dedicated Occupational Health IT system allows us to fully manage the process for you, including:

  • Designing dedicated surveillance programmes, and assigning your staff to them according to job-role
  • Automatically reporting fitness-to-work decisions via the online portal
  • Sending automatic reminders by email and text message when tests are due
  • Allowing your HR department to track compliance with surveillance programme(s), reported via your dedicated management dashboard
We take all the stress out of meeting your statutory Health & Safety requirements – get in touch below to find out more