Fitness for work / specialist occupational assessments

When your work is critical, so is the health of your employees. Our doctors are qualified to carry out specialist occupational assessments, including safety critical worker assessments, working with lead, asbestos and radiation, and offshore worker and diving medicals.

Fitness for Work and Specialist Occupational Assessments

Employee health is important in all sectors, and all employees have a duty under Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989 to ensure their employees, customers and visitors are kept safe in the workplace.

In some sectors employee health is even more important, so we are able to provide specialist medicals covering:

  • Safety critical workers
  • Working at height or in enclosed spaces
  • Night-shift workers
  • Driving at work
  • Working with asbestos, lead, or ionising radiation
  • Offshore oil & gas workers
  • Working divers
  • Working in the health & care sector
  • Executive medicals

These specialist assessments take into account the specific physical and mental challenges faced in these roles and ensure your employees, customers, and those around are all kept safe and healthy.

The list above is not exhaustive, so please contact us below and we would be happy discuss any other specialist requirements.